The High Life

The city of La Paz, Bolivia sits at a sky high 11,483 ft. above sea level, and within minutes of landing at the airport there, we started to feel the affects of the altitude. We set aside 5 days to spend there so we could […]

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Pamp, Pamp It Up

Following our epic jungle excursion, Sandro, Patrick, Natalie, Lindsey and myself and a driver left Rurre by van en route to the Pampas. I don’t think words can describe how good the air conditioning on the 3-4 hour car ride felt after the 4 day/3 […]

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Welcome to the Jungle

Back when we were traveling through Ecuador in February we started to research visiting the Amazonian Jungle, an area so large that it encompasses huge portions of Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil. I had visions of visiting a far flung, isolated tribal village whose people […]

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On the Road Again: A Tale of Erotic Pottery

After a few unexpected weeks back home we returned to Peru to pick up where we left off, well kind of. When we got the call about Danny’s grandma, we were headed towards some high altitude backpacking in the Cordillera Blanca in Peru. During our […]

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Adobe Pyramid Geek Out

After our one night in sleepy Loja, which for me was filled with strange dreams of that stupid thief’s hand under my seat, we boarded a bus headed to Peru and hugged our backpacks on our laps until we reached the border. The drive was […]

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Been Caught Stealing

Relaxed and refreshed from the comforts of Cuenca and our time with Gary and Susie, Lindsey and I boarded an 8 hour bus ride headed to a single night in Loja, an Ecuadorian border town en route to Peru. We were completely unaware that the […]

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Getting Canasta-y in Cuenca

Reaching Cuenca was the oasis of our roadtrip through the Ecuadorian countryside. After 3 days of Carnivale traffic and windy roads through the misty mountains we were all happy to settle in and get a taste of the charm Cuenca had to offer. As we […]

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The Long and Winding Road

Led in a van by our tour guide Roberto “Digamos Bueno” (two words he seemed to fit into every sentence he spoke) Lindsey, Gary, Susie and I took off from Quito on a three day road trip through Ecuador towards our final group destination, Cuenca. […]

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Galapagosing Around

From Quito we headed towards the main attraction of my parents’ and our time in Ecuador…a 5 day cruise in the Galapagos Islands. A visit to the islands has been on my Dad’s bucket list for some time, and the date we had all been […]

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Down By the Beach

We knew Punta del Este would be a quick, expensive stop, and so we picked out a smaller beach town a little further north that sounded mellow and a bit more secluded. We chose wisely with La Aguada, a small beach village located just outside […]

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