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Isla del Soul

* We visited Isla del Sol March 28-31, 2015 After a long day of busing and boating from La Paz, Lindsey, Stef, Doug and I were finally approaching Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun) on Lake Titicaca. We were all very excited. Not because […]

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The High Life

The city of La Paz, Bolivia sits at a sky high 11,483 ft. above sea level, and within minutes of landing at the airport there, we started to feel the affects of the altitude. We set aside 5 days to spend there so we could […]

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Pamp, Pamp It Up

Following our epic jungle excursion, Sandro, Patrick, Natalie, Lindsey and myself and a driver left Rurre by van en route to the Pampas. I don’t think words can describe how good the air conditioning on the 3-4 hour car ride felt after the 4 day/3 […]

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Welcome to the Jungle

Back when we were traveling through Ecuador in February we started to research visiting the Amazonian Jungle, an area so large that it encompasses huge portions of Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil. I had visions of visiting a far flung, isolated tribal village whose people […]

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