Quito-ski: The Adventures with Susie and Gary Begin

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Ecuador, Feb - Ecuador

We left Montevideo (via airplane) with excitement through our veins in anticipation of meeting up with Lindsey’s parents, Gary and Susie, for a 12 day tour of Ecuador, including a 5 day cruise in the Galapagos. We started off in Quito on the right foot with our cheap boutique hotel being one of the nicer places we’ve stayed on our trip and having a great traditional Ecuadorian dinner (with vegetarian options galore for Lindsey). The following day we scouted out the town before Gary and Susie arrived in the afternoon, taking a guided tour of the Presidential Palace and then exploring a museum created by Oswaldo Guayasamin, a well-known Ecuadorian artist, to display his awe-inspiring paintings and sculptures.

Then Gary and Susie arrived with hugs and smiles galore bringing a huge burst of energy that would propel us through the rest of our travels in Ecuador with them. Our two nights and full day in Ecuador included a number of great meals and a nice tour of the beautiful and well-preserved Quito Ciudad Vieja (Old Town), chatting and catching up the whole while.

Objectively, Quito still left something to be desired as in spite of the beautifully maintained Ciudad Vieja, some really top notch restaurants and a lot of new modern construction throughout the city, it still is a dangerous place for tourists. We had to take taxi cabs almost everywhere we went (sometimes only for as little as 3 blocks) as walking in most areas, especially at night, is not advisable. And we had to be on guard anytime we were in public areas which by the end of the day really tired us out, especially at 9,350 feet above sea level.

Notwithstanding the safety distractions, the energy Gary and Susie brought to the trip helped us put those concerns behind, and we were a buzz just being with them and knowing what exciting adventures in Ecuador we all had in store.


  • Chatting and laughing with Gary and Susie
  • Eating delicious ceviche and fried sea bass elbow to elbow with locals at the Mercado Central
  • Apparently Ecuadorians enjoy dressing their dogs up in fashionable outfits, complete with shoes. We saw lots of dogs dressed up to market the dog clothing their owners were selling.
  • Abbey road pic attempt at a perfect cross walk in Ciudad Vieja (Old Town)
  • A whole bunch of delicious sit down meals!

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