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  1. Coming to Chicago for hippie activities this weekend. You have one-upped the hippieness by outhippieing us all. Bravo (slow clap).

  2. JJ Murphy (Canada)

    Daniel love the site wanted to send a shout out from your friends north of the border. Glad things are going well on your travels. All the best from James, Ryan and Richard

  3. Whoa! Glad you guys are OK and were able to fend off the Ecuadorian Perry Farrell…

    Be safe and have fun!

  4. Yay! Just caught up on the blog…you guys are absolutely AMAZING!!! Beautiful pics…and amazing adventures! XOXOXO

  5. I ran into Andy Kach a couple days ago. Made me think of you two. That’s all. You may now continue on your journey.

  6. Drew & Chelsea

    HEYO!!! Loving everything. So fantastic! Miss you guys. Chicago is ‘warming’ up. JP is hilarious and also misses you guys. Just put for in Phish Alpine lottery. Please come back for it.
    Big hugs and safe travels!

    Don’t take any shit from jive turkeys!

  7. Can’t believe how much you guys have seen and experienced since you left! I totally expected you guys to take advantage and do as much as possible, but reading your blogs and seeing all the photos is truly mindblowing!! Wishing you both a belated happy & healthy new year and can’t wait to see/read more!!

  8. Hey guys! Great blog! We met at the closed door veg dinner in Buenos Aires. I’m planning my Patagonia trip and wanted to stay at Erratic Rock in Puerto Natales (I think you recommended it Lindsey, but not sure if you stayed there). Apparently, they’re super strict with their reservations and will only take mine if I know the password from someone who stayed there. Do you guys know the password?

    Thanks so much!

    • Lindsey

      Hi Kiran! I totally remember talking to you about Patagonia. Sending you an email now 🙂

  9. Hey guys! Met yall in the hostel in Bariloche before your departure to BA. We just got good internet today for the first time since seeing you guys last week and just saw this kick ass blog. Got a quick question. We just did Cochamo (RAD!) and we’re about to head south into Parque Pumalin. I read a few comments as far as what to expect/bring. We are currently in Puerto Varas and leaving tomorrow to Hornopiren. Looks like we should bring a hefty amount of chilean pesos since atms are hard to find and debating what items to bring from the grocery store. From reading your comments, looks like you won’t find many hostels, but Hospedajes where the Senora does much of the cooking. So…maybe go heavy on good instant coffee and snacky stuff and not so much on dinner stuff?? Hope to hear back from you soon. If not, oh well, it always works out right?!

    David & Sarah

    • Lindsey

      Happy to help! Just sent you an email 🙂

  10. Daniel, saw a reference to this site on LinkedIn – lucky you to be in Chile, one of our all-time favorite countries. Maybe you’re long gone by now but if not, send me some mail and I will respond with Villaricca-Pucon best inns, hikes & hotsprings. You have some compatriots in Villaricca who know it all.


  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSICLE!!!! I know you must be having an amazing day, but I want to wish an even more amazing year to you! We loved getting your text, and would have texted back except we are over our texty limit thanks to Vegas (and we are probably the only people in the US without unlimited texting). Love you SO much!!! XOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXO

  12. Stefanie

    Again can’t believe I just looked at this. The FAQ is by far the best thing I have read in a long time! Love you guys and can’t wait to visit

    • The FAQ makes me think that Lindsey (and/or Danny) secretly write the Phish FAQs for festivals. I love it!!!

  13. sounds awesome! So excited to check in and live life vicariously…whilst I’m sitting in meetings and teaching 5-6 year olds.

  14. Really inspiring, silly, loving, awesome, and fun! Ryan and I were bummed to miss the going-away, but will be keeping tabs on your adventures. Xoxoxo!

  15. Who speaks better Spanish? Are you planning on giving Tango or Salsa lessons for extra loot while down there? And how did freibs learn to post something on a website? he barely knows how to power on a CPU

  16. this is really cool – when you get back can you help me build a website to track my exciting travels from bed to toilet to gym to office to toilet to home to bed (repeat) – also this flickr thing looks sweet – is that to track people that flick their boogers?

    Have an amazing time and whatever you do take care of your shoes

    • not sure if it’s ok to comment on your own comment but why do I have a pink icon? Can that be changed or did Danny set that up on purpose?

  17. Christie

    Hey, I like your FAQ! I didn’t know you guys were funny! Why have you been holding back all these years?

  18. “Your comment is awaiting moderation” — yes, we all know about moderation Mr. commentface.

  19. This looks awesome – super excited for your travels! Congrats on making this all happen:)

  20. Wow! That’s awesome!!! You two are going to have quite the adventure. Please come back safely.
    Big hugs!!

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