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Hanging By A Few Threads

* We visited Iquique April 10-11, 2015 and Arica April 11-13, 2015 We had a lot of ground to cover in Chile to get to our next stop in Peru, and a few days to kill, so we came up with a plan: travel to […]

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Back to Good Ole Chile

* We visited San Pedro de Atacama April 6-10, 2015 As soon as we crossed the land border out of Bolivia and into Chile I was a mix of emotions. We were sad to see our travels with Stef and Doug end, but I was […]

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The W

Warning: long post coming at ya here again! Still glowing from our Antarctica trip, we spent a couple of days in Ushuaia (Ushuaia post) and then started working our way back into Chile to hike the famous 5 day W Trek in Torres del Paine […]

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Carretera Finale

Final Stop on the Carretera Austral: Chile Chico Population: 3000 From Cochrane we back tracked north on the Carretera to get to Chile Chico for a night, a border town only 8km from Argentina. It was our farewell to the Carretera, as we planned to […]

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Commuting through Cochrane

Stops 6 & 8 on the Carretera Austral: Cochrane Population: 2900 Both on the way to Caleta Tortel, and on our way back north after Caleta Tortel, we stopped in Cochrane. Cochrane was a necessary stop on our Carretera route due to funky rural bus […]

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Tortel Relaxation

Stop 7 on the Carretera Austral: Caleta Tortel Population: 320 If you’ve been following our Carretera Austral posts, you may notice that we skipped stop 6 and went straight to 7. We ended up back in stop 6, Cochrane, for a longer stay after stop […]

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Among the Wildflowers

Stop 5 on the Carretera Austral: Puerto Río Tranquilo Population: 400 Puerto Río Tranquilo was of the same character and build as Puyuhuapi; roughly the same size, same types of minimarkets (including limited available produce), same cultural flavor of kindness and seriousness from the locals, […]

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City Oasis on the Carretera

Stop 4 on the Carretera Austral:  Coyhaique Population:  50,000 The 5 hour bus ride from Puyuhuapi to Coyhaique was an incredibly beautiful section of the Carretera for us. The sun was shining, there was blue sky and puffy white clouds, and colorful spring wildflowers filled […]

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Hoppin’ through Puyuhuapi

Stop 3 on the Carretera Austral:  Puyuhuapi Population:  300-500 Unfortunately the cloudy, misty weather we had in Chaitén followed us throughout the 5 hour bus ride south on the Carretera to Puyuhuapi. It was difficult to see out the bus window at times, but most […]

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Somber Chaitén

Stop 2 on the Carretera Austral:  Chaitén Population:  Varied Estimates between 1,000 and 3,000 (4,500 pre Volcano Eruption) We knew the town of Chaitén had been affected by the eruption of Volcano Chaitén back in 2008, but we had assumed that by now, 6 years […]

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Follow the Lines Going South

The Carretera Austral Begins From Puerto Montt we began our road trip down Chile’s famed Carretera Austral highway, known as one of the most amazing road trip highways in the world. The Carretera Austral was built over a 20 year period, starting in 1976, under […]

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Way Down in Cochamó

Warning, super long post! This was a big highlight so far and we had a lot to say. If you want to just scroll down to see the pictures, they have a lot to say on their own. From the island of Chiloé we caught […]

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