Yes, we’ve quit our jobs, we sold our car, we put our lives in storage, we left our dog with family, and we postponed our wedding.  Yes, we are spending 365 days together traveling, somewhere out there in who knows where.  Yes, we are a little crazy.  But it’s our dream and we’re making it happen.

Ohare Airport

Frequently Asked Questions:

You say you’re just a little crazy; do you think maybe you’re actually very crazy?
It’s hard to say as neither of us has undergone a professional evaluation, but the leprechaun that has been telling us where to go doesn’t think we are.

Where are you going?
We have roughly mapped out the first half of our trip which is all in South America namely Chile, Easter Island, Argentina, Antarctica, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and possibly Colombia and Uruguay.  For the second half, we want to be in Asia and are still working out the details.

We are going to get bored of seeing pictures of the two of you.  Will you try to get out of the way of the cool things behind you?
No, otherwise you wouldn’t believe us that we were there.

How will Lindsey straighten her hair on this trip?
One word…ponytail.

How long do you think it will take for the two of you to get sick of each other?
17 days.

How will I know when I actually start to miss you guys?
When you start laughing at our horribly corny puns in posts and photo captions.

How will you be getting from place to place and where will you be staying?
Mainly cars, trucks and buses, oh and trains and boats and maybe a flight or two in there.  We’ll be staying at Airbnbs, hostels and guest houses.

How can we communicate with you while you are gone?
Well we aren’t traveling to the moon. There is Internet where we are going.  Best methods of communication are email, Skype and this here website.  Click here to say hello.

My wife just had a kid, and I was really counting on getting away for a weekend to go to Danny’s bachelor party.  With this cockamamie honeymoon first stuff, he better not back out.  I’m counting on this and if he doesn’t have one, I will hate him forever.
No te preocupes.

What the heck does “Lovingcupple” mean, and by the way, that’s super cheesy?
Loving Cup is a Rolling Stones song we both really like and also happens to be played often by our favorite band, Phish.

Wow, I’m impressed you made it so far without mentioning something about Phish, but I know you need to fully get it out of your system, so if they have any lyrics that aren’t pure nonsense, you should throw them below and inspire us (also, what the heck is a saxscraper?).


Oh with you, I’d travel thick
And with you, I’d also travel thin
And all the spaces in between
I’d travel with you, you’re my sweet one