Iggy Falls

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Argentina, Jan - Argentina

We stayed in hot and muggy Puerto Iguazu barely 24 hours, but that was all we needed to see its star attraction, Iguazu Falls National Park. The pictures speak much louder than any words will here, but this series of 275 waterfalls define part of the border between Brazil and Argentina and are nothing short of spectacular. Both sides can be visited in 1 day, but since we don’t have a Brazilian visa we only visited the Argentina side.

We found only two downsides to the falls from our visit. The first is they are very difficult to get to from Buenos Aires, requiring 20 hours on a bus (there is an expensive air alternative) without any worthwhile stops in between, at least in our opinion. The second is the park infrastructure, which is top notch and has a tram to take you between waterfall areas, making most of the areas of the falls easily accessible, which sounds good at first blush. But this translates into a theme park feel to the place, with long lines for the trams and stroller traffic jams on the walkways, things we haven’t been used to on our travels. It should be noted the crowd size was probably a bit bigger during our visit since it was the Argentinean summer holidays, but I would recommend to anyone that visits to go as early as possible in the morning before the lines are too long, like we did. That way you can experience your first few hours in the park in awe of these magnificent cascades rather than working your way through crowds to the various viewpoints.


  • We took the adventure boat tour which gave us some great shots from the bases of some of the falls before soaking us to the bone in the biggest one.
  • We walked to a lookout in Puerto Iguazu called Three Frontiers, which overlooks the confluence of 2 rivers and marks the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, with each country sporting an obelisk to mark its respective territory. A special shout out here goes to the cute stray puppy that followed us to the lookout, who we named Iggy, after Igauzu.

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