Hasta La Pasta

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Oct - Trip Prep in Chicago, United States

Donny Loves Lindy…close enough.

The last two months have been an absolute whirlwind, filled with many goodbye hugs and accompanying cocktails, although not enough cocktails to keep us from being really sad that we’re not going to see you all for so long.   I’m not sure we realized what an amazing community of family and friends we have here, and how sad we were going to be to leave you all for a little while.

But, alas, it’s too late to go back now as we’ve created a website, and we haven’t figured out a better way to fill it with content.

So our backpacks are packed and we are ready to rock!  For those of you who asked, here are some pics of what we packed for our first 6 months in South America. Combined net weight of 64lbs.

Hasta Santiago, Chile, stop numero uno (for those of you that aren’t as fluent as we are, that’s Spanish for “number one”).

These photos aren’t the greatest, but this is the last thing on our to do list for the day and we are exhausted!

Lindsey’s clothes in compression bags, toiletries, quick dry towel, packable fedora.
Clothes are 1 pair jeans, 1 yoga pant, 1 light hiking pant, 1 pajama pant, 1 running shorts, 1 hiking shorts, 4 tank tops, 4 t-shirts, 1 skirt/dress, 1 halter dress, sarong, light scarf, gloves, warm hat, favorite jean shirt, 1 base layer long sleeve, light rain coat, 1 bikini, 6 pairs undies, 1 sports bra, 2 bras, and some socks.

Lindsey 1

Lindsey puffy warm coat, hoodie, 4 pairs of shoes, woops, included the toiletries again in this pic.

Lindsey 2

Lindsey purse and hoop (folds over onto itself so looks like 2 hoops, but it’s just one)

Lindsey Purse Hoop

Danny’s clothes and 3 pairs of shoes.  Clothes are 4 boxers, 3 t-shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, 2 shorts, 2 pants, bathing suit, 4 pairs of socks, long underwear.  Donny might love Lindy, but he puts her to shame in the clothes packing department.

Danny 1

Danny’s puffy coat and hoodie.

Danny 2

Danny’s toiletries, rain coat, quick dry towel, headlamp, harmonica, wireless speaker, and sharknado.

Danny Stuff

Double sleep sheet, universal sink plug, sunblocks, Bronners soap, travel TP, first aid kit and travellng pharmacy.

First Aid Kit

Camping and misc supplies.  Like cozies, 2 collapsible cups, flask, wine opener, egg holders, camping pot, camping stove burner, some rope, squiggly cool wire attachy things, 2 workout resistance bands that can double as clothing lines.

Camping Stuff

iPad with keyboard, iPhone, Kindle, wireless hard drive, travel backgammon, deck of cards, chargers and cords, Fujifilm XE-2 camera, super wide angle awesome lens for the camera, gorilla pod, second headlamp

Electronics Camera Games


  1. Stefanie

    Love that Sharknado and your hoop are coming with. So happy I finally looked at this blog, making me so happy for you two right now!!!

  2. Looks pretty good. My problem traveling was all the cool things I wanted to buy in each place. Luckily for you international postage is a lot better than it was 15 years ago! Safe travels, my friends.

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