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We Saw a Turkey on Thanksgiving!

We’ve been traveling for just over a month now, and today is Thanksgiving back at home. We aren’t celebrating the traditional way, as we have yet to see a turkey in all of Chile, live or on the menu (it’s worth mentioning we are so […]

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Chillin in Chiloe

Pronounced Chil-o-way, the first thing we figured out is this island’s name is best sung to Rusted Root’s Send Me on My Chilo-Way or the Enya song Sail Away Chilo-Way Chilo-Way. Can’t get those two songs out of our heads! Chiloé is an isolated archipelago […]

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Quick Stop in Puerto Varas

We spent a quick few days around my birthday in a sleepy little town on Lago Llanquihue called Puerto Varas. There isn’t much to do around town except for wander the town center, which has a lot of German influence in the architecture and culture, […]

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Tinquilco Tranquilo

After a few days in Pucon, we headed towards Parque Nacional Huerquehue (pronounced Where-kay-way, although Danny tends to prefer a myriad of other pronunciations) to get in some good hiking in this remote area surrounded by lakes and volcanoes. My body was pretty beat up […]

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Pucón (pronounced Poo Cone)

Day 1, we took our first hard core bus ride, a 12 hour overnighter from Santiago to Poo Cone and it was great. So much better than flying! The luxury bus had super wide seats, awesome reclinage and even a bus flight attendant giving us […]

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Stopped through Santiago for 1 night on our way back to the mainland from Easter Island. Then caught a bus 2 hours westward towards the coast, to Valparaiso. We arrived in Valparaiso, with expectations of a small, hilly, seaside town, with a few cool murals. […]

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Sharing in the Moai Groove

Warning, this is a long post! We don’t intend to make all of our posts this long, but once I (Lindsey) sat down to write this, the info just started flowing out of me. I have wanted to come to Easter Island, also known as […]

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Santiago in 1 Post

And the trip has begun! It started with a great omen on the plane sitting next to a Chilean named Lola (Lindsey’s high school Spanish name), who happened to be a super interesting Hindu, veg head, tarot card reading, art extraordinaire, who also happens to […]

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